(Softswitch) محصولات نرم افزاری

Softswitch ECSS-10

: مشخصات فنی

ECSS-10 - universal hardware-software system designed for building communication systems, carrier and enterprise level based on packet switching technology

Session border controllers SBC سری

Sessions border controller SBC-2000

: مشخصات فنی

SBC -2000 is VoIP-network component, which is used in the process of call service as a session border controller. The device provides the normalization of the signaling protocol, the protection of the operator's network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks, collection of statistics.
Sessions border controller SBC-1000

: مشخصات فنی

SBC-1000 is a component of VoIP network participating in the process of call servicing as the sessions border controller.


Office IP PBX SMG-200
SMG-200 – corporate PBX for 200 subscribers with full Value Added Services (VAS) set